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In May 2020, I moved from a diverse small city in the Midwest to Southern Oregon. Beautiful state, but quite homogenous in my new home town. As a therapist who believes in the power of therapy, I made a fairly quick decision to find a therapist for myself - preferably a Black or Biracial female therapist. I searched a national database that houses thousands of therapist profiles. This eventually became mind-numbing, with African American, Biracial, Asian, Hispanic, Indigenous, and LGBTQ therapists few and far between and usually deeply embedded in the database. Online mental health counseling sites ignored my requests for a licensed Black or Biracial female therapist and matched me with white therapists - with no apologies.  After 18 months of searching, I still hadn’t found the best therapist for me. Frustrated, I exchanged emails with several non-white therapists in Oregon and Washington who emphasized the desperate need to make it easier to connect clients of color and queer folx with therapists who look like them and understand their perspective - especially in towns and states with homogenous populations.

I decided to create The Right Spice, LLC to make it easier for all people of color and LGBtQ+ folks to find the right therapist for them. I do the research based on the client’s specifications and match client to therapist. 


Trust is essential and experience matters.

Every person seeking a therapist deserves to be heard and understood without having to explain why. 

Every person seeking a therapist deserves to feel freedom to be themselves in a safe space.







Late bloomer. Mid-lifer. Survivor. Lioness. Mother. Therapist. Love the skin that I'm in. Love the work that I do. I am your mental health matchmaker!


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